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Winter Was Warm

Jule Styne & Bob Merrill


The holiday season is so emotionally charged and yet, we mostly only exalt the season, leaving those who struggle with it feeling alone and misunderstood. I wanted to embrace the many moods of the winter season, and that meant that this song had to be included. I also loved the origins of it, which are as strange as they are remarkable.

Who would have thought that song as hauntingly beautiful as this would have come from a Mr. Magoo cartoon? That's right, this song appeared in the original release of "Mr.Magoo's Christmas Carol", though it was often cut from subsequent airings. The song is sung by Belle, the love interest of the young Scrooge (Magoo), as she reflects on how his love waned, as he put material wealth above their relationship. 

The song has the feel of a traditional Broadway ballad thanks to composer Jule Styne, who also has the distinction of being the only composer who is featured twice on this CD. His other contribution on the album is the WW2 ballad, "I'll Walk Alone (Through Every Christmas)"