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It's Winter Again

Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart, Arthur Freed


I love this jaunty tune so much, that it almost lent it's name to the the title of the album.  That is, until my husband's family pointed out that those who live in California have an idealized view of the season, whereas winter takes on a whole different meaning when you live in a place like Minnesota, where winter may last for 6 months. My sister-in-law even joked that if I called the album "It's Winter Again", that she was going to take out a sharpie and write an expletive underneath it. My husband suggested that "Winter Was Warm" sounded far more inviting and cozy, and the rest is history. 

"It's Winter Again" was published in 1932 by the team of Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart and Arthur Freed. Al "H" was born in Minsk, Russia and after immigrating to the USA, grew up in Seattle. He was a drummer, who moved to NYC to seek his fortune. Once he arrived in Manhattan, he played jazz clubs by night and sold bagels door-to-door on Broadway (!) by day. One of his big hits was the infectious tune "Mairzy Doats".

Al "G" was a prolific writer during the 30s, with many hits and musicals to his credit. During WW2, he traveled with the USO performing for the troops. Two of his best known songs are "I Apologize" and "Black Coffee".  

And lyricist, Arthur Freed... well, wow, his career included singing in the Marx Bros Vaudeville shows, writing the words to "Singin' In The Rain", being an uncredited producer on "The Wizard of Oz" and then, going on to head one of units at MGM dedicated to musicals. In fact, he's credited with finding most of the musical talent both in front of and behind the camera.