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I'll Walk Alone (Through Every Christmas)

Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn


As a teenager, during World War 2, my Mom worked in an airplane factory, as did her sister. Four of her five brothers served in different branches of the military service. Growing up, I heard so many of my mother's stories about life during the war, that I really absorbed the emotional energy of that generation and took it to heart. Mostly what I remember about these conversations was how even decades later, my mom's voice would still crack when she talked about how hard it was to part from loved ones, when you didn't know what fate held in store for them, or even when you might next hear from them. 

When I first heard that for a holiday broadcast for the troops, this song had special Christmas lyrics written to it, I knew that  I had to include it as an homage to those who sacrificed so much during my mother's generation. But also, in honor of those who continue to serve so valiantly and to their loved ones back home. Most of us can't even imagine the type of inner fortitude it takes to endure such an uncertain and perhaps fateful separation. It is with humble gratitude that I dedicate this song to the enduring hope, faith and love shared by these military families. I also dedicate it to the memory of my mother.