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I'd Like You for Christmas

Jeudi & John Boswell
Bobby Troop


How this came to be a duet really started as a happy accident. Last year, when I first thought of doing a Christmas CD, I met with my music director/producer, John Boswell, to go over material. We had a very long meeting and as it was wrapping up, I realized I still had this one last piece to go over with him. At that point, I was pretty tired vocally and just kept on hitting the wrong notes, so John started to sing along with me to help me find the melody. As we always do, we record these sessions. As I started reviewing all the material, I started thinking "This song really makes a charming duet". Months later, that's just what it became. And now that I've done one duet with John, I just want to keep doing more. 


This song was written by Bobby Troop.