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Kay Starr & Billy Butterfield


When I sing this song, I'm reminded of times when I lived far away from loved ones and how utterly lonely and melancholy I felt  over the holidays season. Even in wondrous places, and large teeming cities,  it can be so sad, if you have no one special with whom to share special times. And yet, the holiday traditions carried me through and gave me some roots, as I wrote Christmas cards and baked and shopped for gifts to mail back home. I hope that by including this song here, it will gives some measure of comfort to those who feel lonely, reminding them that others may be feeling the same way, too. When I felt that way, I realized that winter has many moods and sometimes, you just have to acknowledge the different seasons of your own life. 

To me, this song is of a similar feel as "I'll Be Home For Christmas... if only in my dreams". similarly, it ends on the words: "And so, no matter what my fortune may be, or where I may roam... In December, I'll be going home". Deep down inside the listener understands, that in truth, it's just wishful thinking.  

Not surprisingly, this song was written during the war years of the 1940s by Kay Starr and Billy Butterfield.