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By The Fireside

Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly


When I sing this song, I imagine that it's snowing outside and I'm snuggled up with my husband in an armchair next to the fireside at the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite Valley. We're enjoying a glass of brandy and blissfully unaware of anyone else. Only in my mind, we're there back in 1932, when this song was brand new and the grand old lodge was only five years old. 

This song was written during the "Golden Age of British Music" with words by the team of Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly and music by Ray Noble. It's funny to think that this lush romantic song featured a ukulele arrangement, which we've omitted for a more tender arrangement by John Boswell. The original sheet music proudly proclaimed that this song was Edward, "The Prince of Wales' New Favorite Song". That's some endorsement. Maybe Prince Charles will like my version, too?