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And Suddenly It's Christmas

Burton Lane and Ervin Drake.


"I look in your eyes and suddenly, it's Christmas!" Can you imagine someone saying this to you?! Or making someone feel this way?! Swoon! It doesn't get much more romantic than that. And what I really love is that this is an uptempo love song. To me, this song captures those jubilant & giddy first professions of love. And you can almost feel the sleigh gliding along through the snow! When I sing this song, I envision a scene straight out of an old MGM musical:

LS (Long shot) Two figures are seen leaving a holiday party with a group of guests. The others pile into an awaiting sleigh, it's so full the driver tells the last two that they must wait for the next one. (Medium shot) The remaining pair, stand in the bitter cold making awkward chit chat, each trying to sound matter-of-fact, when in truth, their hearts are racing to be near each other.At last, a sleigh arrives and they climb aboard and bumble about trying to figure our where to sit. The elderly sleigh driver has seen this a hundred times before, and shakes his head in annoyance. As they politely fuss with the blankets, he smiles and clicks to the horse causing the sleigh to lunge forward. (Close shot) The couple falls into each other's arms. (Cut to) Now snuggled under the blankets, as the sleigh traverses the beautiful snowy covered countryside, the emotions can no longer be contained and as is the case, when the emotions are too big, they can't be spoken. They have to be sung!

This song was published in 1986 and first recorded, on Michael Feinstein's Burton Lane Songbook #2. But I just bet that if you can find the liner notes to that CD, that you might very well learn that it was written years, or even decades before. That's my guess. Let me know if you come across those liner notes, I'd love to read them! Music by Burton Lane and lyrics by Ervin Drake.