Don't You Just Love Exchanging Beautifully Wrapped Gifts?

When designing the cover art for Winter Was Warm, we had that very thought in mind,  because for the holidays, most people like to exchange gifts... actual physical gifts... beautifully wrapped packages. We spent a lot of time coming up with the look and feel of the packaging because we really wanted the art to delight, as it was opened. Really, when you think about it, a CD is like a wrapped gift in itself;  revealing something new about the artist on each page and culminating with the revelation of the music itself. One of the great delights of the vinyl era was in reading the liner notes. I personally loved learning about the artists and their insights.

Sadly, if you buy a digital download, you may never even know what the cover art looked like, or what the liner notes said. We're so proud of the amazing graphic design work that Emilie Burnham created, that we want everyone to have a look, so, we've included it here for you to enjoy. (Who knows, maybe you'll be encouraged to buy yourself a CD instead of a download.  Just wait till you see the actual disc, too! Super cute!)

And as encouragement for your early shopping, we're even offering a 10% discount when you buy 2 or more CDs.  


You're so clever, beating the holiday shopping rush this year! 





CD Cover Art- Graphic Design By Emilie Burnham


CD Liner Notes- Graphic Design by Emilie Burnham


CD Dedication Page


CD Back Cover Credits- Graphic Design By Emilie Burnham