About Jeudi


15 Things About Me


1) I'm a Latina with some European heritage thrown in for good measure. My Mom was Mexican American. My Dad immigrated to the US from Costa Rica, as a tuna (pole) fisherman. 

2) My Mom worked in an airplane factory during WW2 and was a great dancer competing in many swing dance contests at the USO.  

3) Hearing about her life really got me into the vintage scene and made me feel a strong kinship to another generation.

4) I'm a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego in a strong knit family. I have four older brothers and a huge extended family.

5) Early on, my parents encouraged my artistic endeavors. I started performing as a kid, but only now am I finally accomplishing my childhood ambition of being a recording artist.

6) Wanderlusty, I left my hometown in my early 20s to travel and study.

7) I lived in Paris twice, as well spending a few years in New York before settling in LA.

8)  (I confess that my French is much better than my Spanish). 

9) I LOVE learning so much that I was almost a career student. I earned my MFA at CalArts. 

10) I have been married for 21 years to my grad school sweetheart, Paul Hemstreet. He still makes me Swoon!

11) We have twin teenage sons, who are AMAZING humans, artists, scholars and just fun to be around.

12) We also have a corgi named Winston, who even has his own Instagram hashtag: #WinstonsWoof

13) Our family LOVES to create art, cook, read, write and travel. We are a family of multidisciplinary artists.

14) We recently created a family-based arts collective called Home And Yonder, to market and produce our own work. The goal is for it to be a digitally-based home for our artistic endeavors. 

15) This CD is our first foray into producing under the "Home And Yonder" label. Stay tuned for what comes next.